18 Gifts Starting With Letter V

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V, is a great letter to find a gift for. Why? Because it's a versatile letter in the alphabet that is under used. Here are twenty gift ideas beginning with V which will appeal to both sexes including teenagers and young adults of all ages.

Volcanic Ash Hydrating Mask

Get a truly unique beauty gift. This volcanic ash is a purifying, decongesting and hydrating mask with odorless Irish Moor Mud helps draw out dirt, oil and grime as it infuses skin with moisture, vitamins, essential minerals and potent anti-oxidant benefits.

Vanity Mirror: Makeup Tri-Fold LED Mirror

Zora is a folding vanity mirror with three mirrored panels for the ultimate beauty experience. The right panel is an adjustable 1X side mirror, and the left panel is split into a 5X and 7X magnifying mirrors for seeing small details.

Vegetable Chopper and Slicer - Best Overall

For a gift beginning with letter V, this gift is a practical and innovative way to dice, slice, julienne, grate or spiralize vegetables and fruits. With the Ultimate Chopper/Slicer & Spiralizer, preparing favorite dishes for the whole family is no longer a chore. Made with premium materials like grade 420 stainless steel blades and food-grade bpa-free materials, it's the perfect tool to make

Venus Fly Trap

What a terrific topic of discussion for visiting friends and family: The Venus flytrap adds a living element of intrigue to your interior design and inspires debate. Plant parents and collectors of all ages will enjoy, appreciate, and be stimulated by this carnivorous bog dweller.

Vacuum: Max Cordless Lithium DustBuster Hand Vacuum

Gift the gift of cleanness - and vacuums starts with V. The Black and Decker 16-Volt Max Cordless Lithium Ion Hand Vac allows for quick and easy cleanup, with a battery that lasts longer year over year. Lightweight design allows for maximum portability. The easy-empty, bagless dirt bowl provides mess-free operation.

Volcano Kit – Erupting Volcano Science Kit for Kids

This kids science kit contains more eruption powder than ever before because MORE ERUPTIONS MEAN MORE FUN! You also get pop crystals, which give your eruptions a thrilling sound, and three times as much eruption powder. This kind of science kit is enjoyable for everyone!

Volleyball Set - Fun and Inexpensive

Give the gift of outdoor fun. The Patriotic Volleyball Set is the perfect addition to any outdoor gathering from barbeque to beach. Everything needed is included such as volleyball, net and posts, carry bag, boundary rope, inflating pump and needle

Victoria's Secret Gift Card

Gift cards are always good gifts as they are small and allow the gifted to choose what they want. Victoria's Secret is popular brand which starts with letter V that many women and girls like.

Visa Gift Card - $50

Need a gift card that's more universal? Than a VISA gift card is perfect. It can be used to purchase anything they want including food, clothing, electronics, etc... This is a great gift for workplaces, family, and more.

Vampire Fangs - Fun and Cheap

Looking for a stocking stuffer or something simple, then vampire teeth / fangs are fun and inexpensive. With these your giftee will still be about to talk naturally and comfortably

Video Game - Always a Good Gift

I love video games. And there is a VERY strong possibility they like video games as well. Get your giftee either a new game they want or a gift card from gamestop to let them choose their game or console they are wanting.

Vegetable Basket for Toddlers

Feed all the stuffed pets and baby dolls in the house with this cloth fruit basket! Each fruit is as realistic as it can get, like peas that come out of the peapod. It is easily carried and stores with the basket that comes along with it.

Vodka Sampler Gift Basket

How can I not list Vodka? ALcohol is always a popular gift among adults. Its a very versatile. Its a present for Christmas, coworker, friends, and more. This basket includes Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Chopin.

Vanilla Ice Cream - Yum

Yummm. This is the best testing gift recommendation on this list of gifts starting with letter V. HÄAGEN-DAZS Vanilla Ice Cream combines sweet cream and Madagascar vanilla for a distinctive taste, available in a 14oz container

Vase - Electro and Retro

These bud vases make a cute home accent for any boho or modern home. Featuring 3d sculptural dots, modern colorful squiggles, tiny rainbows, tigers, and colorful flower swirls.

Vest - Outdoor Womens

Vests are great add-on clothing. There are many different types of vests also. This makes it easy to find a style that matches their personality. Vests are typically under $100 so they are not overly expensive.

Vino2Go - Portable Wine Glass

The new wine sippy cup! Perfect for around the pool, cruise lines, events, wineries, boating, camping and golf!

Viking Horn Glass

The Viking Horn Glass harkens back to this storied period of intoxication. Simply fill it up with your preferred beverage, toast Odin and company, and get ready to party like a Viking!