14+ Gift Ideas for First Day of Kindergarten

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Congratulations on getting your child ready for kindergarten! This is a great time of year to get her or him exciting about going to school. There is a lot involved in helping them make this move. Below are inexpensive first day of kindergarten gift ideas to help them with the transition.

I'm Ready To Crush Kindergarten Dinosaur T Shirt

Wear this funny and cute I'm Ready To Crush Kindergarten short sleeve tee for the first or last day of school or for the Kindergarten Day.

Mama & Mini Personalized Bracelet Set

Your daughter will love these matching bracelets. It includes a large one for you and a smaller one for your daughter. This will help your daughter know you are always there for her.

Mom and Son Bracelet Set

Just like the daughter gift before this, but instead made for boys. Each bracelet set are individually handmade and make the perfect gifts for starting kindergarten.

Weighted Stuffed Animal

Your soon to be kindergartener might be feeling a little anxious about starting school. To help calm them down at night, surprise them with a weighted stuffed animal.

Nature Kit - For the Explorer

Your kid will be inside for most of the day. Get them this nature kit to get outside and enjoy the sunlight.

12 Days of Kindergarten Book

Get ready to go back to school by counting the first 12 days of kindergarten with this fun-filled picture book inspired by “The 12 Days of Christmas”

1st Day Of Kindergarten Unicorn Kindergarten Girls Sticker

Let your students or child decorate and personalize there backpacks, clothes, waterfall, and more. Stickers are always fun gifts.

Special Effects Crayons

Let your creative kindergartner showoff their artistic skills with these cool crayons. They can blend their favorite colors and effects to create one of a kind artwork.

Pocket Heart

Tuck a felt heart into their pocket before sending off. This will help calm their nervous and let them know they are not alone.

Fun Workbook: Are You Ready for Kindergarten?

The vibrant and fun activities introduce important concepts and tools that children encounter in their first days of school: the alphabet, numbers 1-30, shapes, scissors, pencils, and more.T

New, Fun Water Bottle

This water bottle available in many different Disney characters, for boys and girls, is the perfect vessel for toddlers and youngsters. This dishwasher safe vessel comes with a leak proof straw lid.

Colorful Magic Wand

Try out these Magic Wands that every student will love to receive and will make their day! Let them show it out how magical their First day at school was with these cute and colorful Magic Wands. Attach a straw or a paper stick made of the template provided.

Decorate Their Backpack with a Keychain

Find something that reflects your child’s current interests and lets them personalize their backpack to truly make it theirs on the first day of kindergarten.

A Handwritten Card

Children always love cute cards read to them. Add thoughtful encouragement words inside to give her or him the confidence to rock kindergarten.