20 Gifts Starting With Letter 'P'

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Gift ideas starting with the letter P can be a challenge for many budget-minded shoppers. Many fun items beginning with the letter P, but cost a lot more than the other letters. There are ways around that, though. Below you will find a huge collection of gift ideas starting with P! These gift ideas include funny stocking stuffer ideas and inexpensive gift ideas that almost everyone loves.

MOST FAV The Always Pan
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The Always Pan

The 8-in-1 Always Pan is iconic for its versatility, multifunctionality, and beautiful shape. And you get to pick between super slippery nonstick and our premium enameled cast iron.

Popcorn - Pop N Dulge movie Night Set

Date night, family gifts, foodie gifts, birthday gift ideas — there are so many occasions to enjoy Pop ‘n Dulge Movie Night Popcorn Kit. Gourmet snacks like these popcorn kernels and savory popcorn seasonings are a great way to transform an ordinary evening into something special.

Paint by Shadows Kit

With this acrylic paint set and grayscale guide, you're just one evening away from your next great work of art. With 24 shades of acrylic paint and six grayscale images (each canvas increasing in difficulty), the giftee can create their own version of an original piece.

Pillow - TEMPUR-Cloud® Adjustable Pillow

I love new pillows and Tempur Pedic makes some of the best pillows. Made with a blend of TEMPUR® materials, the Cloud Adjustable Pillow lets you fluff, scrunch, flatten — or even remove — the fill to customize the shape and support.

Playing Cards - Art Deco Style

Upgrade their cards with a new refreshing taste. The inspiration comes from historical stories to sketch Art Deco-style drawings. Behind each card The Historic Playing Cards is a real character, combined with an iconic design style, taken from the Far East, Rome and Greece.

MOST FAV Pasta Gift Set - A Delicious Trip to Sicilia

Pasta Gift Set - A Delicious Trip to Sicilia

Eatly is one of my favorite restaurant and stores. Give the gift of Italy with this amazing gift set. From typical pasta shapes to cherry tomatoes, capers and anchovies from the region, and fruity extra virgin olive oil made with regional cultivars, this bundle is overflowing with everything you need for an authentic Sicilian-inspired evening.

Pen - Luxury Fountain Pen

How many people own a luxury pen? This unique gift, The Peacock Blue fountain pen, is part of Tibaldi’s Infrangible collection, which draws its inspiration from the elegance of the 1930s style. The vibrant swirling patterns of its resin design capture the extravagance of the golden age, while polished palladium accents give it a refined finishing touch.

Pickle Candy

Starting with P pickles can be a fun gift. Can be great as a stocking stuffer, coworker, or for a friend who loves pickles.

Pancake Candle - Deliciously Smelling

Just like pickles, pancakes also start with the letter P. The Pancakes candle has all the lovely aromas of Sunday morning pancakes with buttery maple, warm spices, vanilla, and sugar.

Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults

Flybar has been in business since 1918 and continues to be "the standard by which all pogos are measured." You can be assured that everything they make is quality.

Polaroid Originals - Now I-Type Instant Camera

Get a gift from the past but with a new twist. Polaroid’s new point-and-shoot analog instant camera has all you need to catch every life moment in an original Polaroid photograph. Now with autofocus, it’s simple to capture moments as you see them, so you can relive them forever in sharp, vivid color.

Pineapple - Ice Tray

Do they love pineapples? If so, then there are many different gifts that have patterns of pineapples just like this ice tray. Cheap, affordable, and easy to get.

PlayStation Game or Console

Growing up I loved getting a new video game console. If they are a gamer, a new PlayStation game or console is always a great gift to someone.

Penguin Stuffed Animal (With Animation)

Kids heart stuffed animals. Cute, soft and talented is the best way to describe Kissy the Penguin, an animated, interactive stuffed toy who is ready to cuddle with and entertain your little ones.

Pearl Necklace for that Special Someone

You can go wrong with jewelry. Pearls have always been a symbol of natural feminine power, beauty, and strength.

Pottery Barn Gift Card

Need a last minute gift? A gift card can be purchased online on in-store. It can also be emailed to the giftee. Gift cards are good because they are small, usable, and can be used how they want.

Peace Lily Plant

This graceful plant brings a bright, calming presence to any room she enters. Her vivid leaves, elegant white flowers, and forgiving nature will quickly make her one of your favorite houseplants.

Play-Doh - Kitchen Playset with 5 Play-Doh Cans

Starting with P, PLay-Doh is an iconic toy. This Play-Doh candy factory is a treat for the imagination as kids create their own silly gummy bears, pretend candy bars, and play candy cups. Fill the top with Play-Doh compound, then turn the crank on the candy machine to see the crazy colorful Play-Doh candies pour out.

MOST FAV Power Strip - Best for Office

Power Strip - Best for Office

Practical!!! The Black Accell Power Air Surge Protector and USB Charging Station is the ideal power solution for home or office use. It features 6 adapter-spaced outlets. Its round, flat design is ideal for placement on a desk or conference room table, providing easy access to multiple power outlets.

Letter P - Vintage Wood Sign

Not exactly starting with the letter P. However, it is a giant P. Its has reddish brown stained, solid wood construction in shape of capital / uppercase P. Beveled outer edge on top side.

Pan Stirrer (Automatic) with Timer

Some of the most delectable sauces demand more care than a new child. But it's worth it in every way. Use this automated stirrer when the recipe asks for constant stirring. Set the timer, put it in your pan with any liquid that is simmering or at a low heat, and then go do the million other things you have to do.