20+ Mother's Day Gifts for Coworkers (That Wont Break the Bank)

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Choosing a gift for coworkers on Mother's Day is never easy. When choosing a gift, you want to get something meaningful and not something that seems really cheesy, leaving you feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing. But don't worry; we have a list of some great Mother's Day gift ideas for coworker who are moms.

A Night Out: Movie Tickets

Just because they are your coworker does not mean they need an office gift. Going to the movies is always a fun. Who knows, maybe they will ask you to go.

Mini Desk Plant with Ceramic Base

A small plant that requires very little war is a green décor item that can liven their desk. Note this pot is sold separately from the plant. However, you can buy both for under $30.

Elevate Happy Hour with Frozen Wine Slushie Mix

Elevate happy hour with these organic mixers. Simply add wine, freeze, and drink up! Available in original frosé, sangria, and strawberry basil lemonade.

Home Spa Organic Gift Set

This all natural and organic gift set makes it so easy to send a beautiful, handmade gift yo your friend. I recommend only getting this if you know your coworker really well.

Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner

Who doesn't love a clean desk? ColorCoral cleaning gel is simple and convenient for cleaning PC/laptop keyboards and other desk items. This is a very practical gift.

For the Artsy Coworker: Paint by Numbers

Bring on the calm while creating something beautiful with Rachel Austen’s vintage-style paint-by-number kits. As they focus on each brushstroke, life’s stresses stop swirling.

Starbucks Gift Card

I can easily recommend this on any list. A Starbucks gift card is always a safe, cheap, and useful gift idea to get someone. Especially if you don't know them that well.

Colorful Password Book

Does your coworker always forget their passwords? If so then this colorful journal is perfect for them to keep track of important information for online accounts and websites.

Hungry Bird Snack Bowl

Great for the coworker who likes snacks at their desk. Feed this ceramic baby bird your seeds, shells, pits, and more

A Whimsical Spiral Notepad

Perfect for jotting down notes, thoughts, and dreams, this spiral journal features a cheerful floral cover and 150 lined pages ready to be filled.

Personalized Coffee Mug

WimlyMugs makes personalized mugs with any name and many different designs. Be sure to get a mug design that matches their interests.

MOST FAV Mini Desktop Vacuum

Mini Desktop Vacuum

A great gift for any coworker, no matter the occasion. This desk vacuum cleaner can easily clean pencil shavings, soot dust, paper scraps, or crumb!

Mini Air Humidifier for Office Desk

Simply plug into a USB port and watch it do it's magic. This air purifier can help coworker's ease irritated sinuses and dry skin.

Cute Laptop Sleeve

Does your coworker take their laptop home every night? This cute leather laptop sleeve is highly related. Available in multiple size and colors.

MOST FAV Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

For the cook in the office. This self-watering herb kits feature a vintage-inspired mason jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients up to the plant's roots.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

What mother would not better tasting office water? Simply add fruit to the fruit-infused water bottle. With over 5,000+ stars on Amazon this item is highly rated.

Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

Because there's nothing more disappointing than a cup of coffee that's gone cold. This mug warmer will keep her coffee warm till lunch. It also includes an auto shut off after 4 hour.

Chocolate Bar Bundle

A perfect mother's day gift for the chocolate lover. Tony's Chocolonely is 100% slave-free chocolate. This gift box includes 6 classic Tony's flavors in cheery rainbow packaging, it's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Ice Roller for Face & Eye

For the mother that is coming back to work after pregnancy. Can be used to massage eye socket and temples to relieve fatigue.

Digital Photo Frame with Auto Slideshow

For the coworker with too many photos on their desk. This digital frame has built-in memory so it does not need to stay connected to their work computer.

MOST FAV Potpourri Bags Sachets for Drawers and Closets

Potpourri Bags Sachets for Drawers and Closets

An amazing Mother's Day gift, or birthday gift for your mother, friend, and family. You can put the sachet in the gift box, or give it as a gift to the person you love\; add sachets to love notes, making the fragrance a unique way to deliver love.