20 Gifts Starting With Letter R

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So you have a friend whose name starts with the letter R. And you’re looking for a gift for them. But you’re not quite sure what to get. Well, look no further! Here are 20 gift ideas starting with the letter R.

Root Beer Science Kit

The best part: the kit includes ingredients needed—sassafras extract, yeast, a funnel, labels and instructions—and it's all natural (unlike a lot of store bought options). A great birthday or just-because gift for budding chefs and brewmasters, they'll earn their treat and learn a little science along the way. Made in Virginia.

Rainbow Socks

These sparkly rainbow socks are for any day when you want to stand out or just be a little extra. Wear a pair to show your love for all things sparkly or colorful, or if you are secretly a leprechaun, unicorn or some other fanciful creature.

Ring of Fire Card Game - Drinking Game

Have some fun with your friends with this gift of fun. Ring Of Fire is one of the most popular drinking games in the world, and is played using playing cards.

Remote Control Race Car

Every child has a strong desire to have a super RC car. A remote control car is the best choice for your kid's birthday. You not only play with it using the remote control but also place it as an exhibit on a display shelf. Perfect for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers or rewards, and so on

Red Fox - Bushy the Standing Stuffed Red Fox

Bushy the Standing Stuffed Red Fox by Douglas is standing at attention, awaiting orders to march to your home! Measuring nine inches long and seven inches tall, our standing red fox stuffed animal is not too small and it's not too big, it's just the right size for almost anything.

Rollables Farm Friends

A gift for 6+ months. Inspire imaginative barnyard adventures through kinetic play with 4 adorably round farm animal Rollables. Includes a cute cow with chime, cheery chicken, perky pig, and friendly horse;

Ribs Kit - Cooking

Ribs are delicious and begin with the letter R. This rib kit includes: two racks of spare ribs (uncooked), a bottle of Hill Country's BBQ sauce, a container of pork rub, and a big to Texas wood chips.

Rosemary Grow Kit

Just add water. The self-watering Rosemary herb kit features a frosted vintage-inspired mason jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients up to the plant's roots

MOST FAV Rocket Launcher for Kids – Shoots Up to 100 Feet

Rocket Launcher for Kids – Shoots Up to 100 Feet

Kids will have a blast while blasting off with this fantastically fun foam toy rocket launcher. Durably designed and reliably built to withstand endless hours of jumping, stomping and playtime! Safe for age 3+.

Robot Toy - Solar Robot for STEM

How can you not think of Robots when thinking of the letter R. This science toy will teach children how to engineer a robot that uses solar power, while help to develop manual dexterity, problem solving skills, improve logical thinking, self-confidence and promotes the importance of teamwork & collaboration.

Rocks Glass - BarConic® 8 ounce Texan™ Rocks Glass

BarConic® 8 ounce Texan™ Rocks Glass is the perfect sized glass to serve any type of liquor "on the rocks." It gives you enough space to add liquor and ice and still leave the liquor room to breathe or to add a mixer. It is also conveniently stackable.

Rubik's Cube Original

Beginning with the letter R, the legendary Rubik's Cube, which combines math, art, and science, is here to stretch your thinking. The most well-known puzzle in the world, the 3x3 Cube has captivated admirers since its introduction in 1980.

Rolling Tray - Scooby

For the person who likes to smoke, this high-quality decorative tray is perfect for both at home and on the go. Clean-up is a breeze too since it’s food and dishwasher-safe!

Razor - Kick Scooter with LED's

Built for countless hours of fun, the scooter can be passed down to siblings and future grandchildren. This Multi-color LED lights in the deck and urethane wheels give the Razor A+ Lightshow kick scooter an attitude all its own.

Raptor - Robo Alive Rampaging Raptor

Raptors are exciting and fun. Robo Alive’s advanced technology brings this Raptor to life! Combining high quality technology with a realistic design, this Raptor really comes to life!

Razor - Heated by Gillettelabs

Let your giftee bring the soothing barbershop warmth to their shave with advanced technology that enhances the sensation and glide of each razor stroke. Thier most advanced razor ever closes the gap between a professional barber experience and what you can achieve every day in your own home.

MOST FAV Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Probably the greatest doorbell sold all time. This model is an upgrade from the original Ring Video Doorbell 2, which includes improved motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy, and dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) wifi connectivity.

MOST FAV Roku® Streaming Stick® 4K+

Roku® Streaming Stick® 4K+

Personally, I love my Roku. Its better than any built in "smart" TV capabilities. The Roku® Streaming Stick® 4K+ is faster and more powerful than ever and comes with their best remote. The Wi-Fi receiver is super-charged with up to 2x the speed.

Rain Boots for Women - Merry People Bobbi

Everyday rain boots that are cute enough to wear even when it's sunny. Built with natural rubber and a neoprene lining to ensure comfort and style as you embrace your everyday adventures—rain or shine.

Roblox Gift Card

If you have kids most likely they play Roblox. Its a very popular gaming platform. Likewise a simple gift card is also very popular. Its small and useable.

Razor Holder - Mr Razor

This little guy may have a Monopoly Man-like appearance, but he takes men's grooming very seriously! Mr. Razor the Razor Holder gives you the ideal location to store your shaving accessory by using a cunning suction cup to stick securely to your bathroom tiles or mirror.