15 Beautiful Gift Ideas for Midwives

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A gift for a midwife is not just a holiday gesture, but also a sweet gesture to say thank you for all they do. Getting to hear from the families they have supported and to discover how their new journey is going is a joy for a midwife. Here are 15 thoughtful gifts for midwives that really show appreciation for their role.

Thank You Card

Although simple, midwives really enjoy thank you cards because they are personal, thoughtful, and can be displayed around their office. Cards are illustrated, designed, printed, cut, and folded by hand.

Midwife in the Making Board

A personalized birth counting board is a fantastic way for student midwives to count and monitor all their baby deliveries. In the UK a total of 40 deliveries have to be completed during university study to enable the course to be passed! That's a lot of births to keep track of!

Bath Bomb Thank You Set

Being a midwife is hard work! Say thank you, with a thank you bath bomb set that will be sure to bring relaxation.

A Backpack Designed for a Midwife

Expensive, but practical. Designed from heavy duty nylon fabric the Backpack Plus is the midsize workhorse. Easily gain quick access to an AED that is secured in the front bottom pouch with quick release tie downs. In the back there is a flat pouch to store electrodes, pads and other prep tools.

Starbucks Gift Card (or any gift card)

A safe gift. A gift card shows appreciation, without being over the top. I recommend getting one less than $20.

Treats Gift Basket

Who can resist the combination of sweet and salty treats? Show your appreciation with a pre-made snack basket.

'Thank You' Candle

Candles are great gifts for many different occasions. You've done so many things for me I don't know where to start. I want you to know that i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Personalized Retractable Badge Reel

Most likley a midwife is going to need to wear a badge. Get them something unique but practical. This personalized, retractable badge reel adds a unique touch to their daily attire.

Plant Cube Appreciation Gift

Show your appreciation with a gift that brings new life.

A Bottle of Wine and (Bag)

Wine is a classic gift. This custom thank you bag adds a little extra touch to your gift. It will show you put some thought into the gift versus just grabbing a bottle of wine from your storage.

Dried Affirmation Bouquet

Flowers are nice but a dried bouquet lasts forever (or much longer). A bouquets is great for saying congratulations or thank you. This beautiful dried bouquet is lovely on its own or as part of an artful arrangement - it's a decorative touch that's always in season.

Hey Girl Herbal Sleep Tea

Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep after working through the night. Get them a big of Hey Girl tea to help them doze off into dreamland.

Hand Lotion (Kit)

Since they to wash their hands often it can cause dryness. A nice hand lotion is simple but effective gift. This limited-edition set featuring three travel-size hand creams will leave hands hydrated and lightly scented.

Godiva Chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate? Surprise them with a gift of gourmet chocolates in dark, milk and white chocolate with decadent Belgian fillings presented in our iconic gold gift box with your choice of ribbon.

Personalized Piece Set

A beautiful present idea for a special midwife. They look lovely displayed on a desk and show clients how special they are.