22+ Unique Gift Ideas that Start With 'D'

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Did you know that the letter D is 4th most popular letter in English? Did you also know that I love giving people unique gift ideas not found elsewhere online? Well, now you do. That's why I've published this post of gifts ideas beginning with the letter D to make finding a gift easier for you. This collection of 20+ ideas can be used for secret santa, Christmas, friend with an initial of D, or any fun occasion.

Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee

For that coffee lover in your life. This is just great Dunkin’ coffee, perfect for days that end in “y.”

Dyson Products

If you are looking to buy a premium product, then Dyson is the perfect brand. Here is a list of current deals.

Authentic Handmade Dreamcatcher

Ask a kid I loved my dreamcatchers. These dreamcatchers are handmade and authentic with many options to choose from.

Dr. Seuss's Books

Arguably one of the the most entertaining books ever written, these are great for children.

Delicious Dark Chocolate

For the chocolate lover. Let them discover the intensely delicious dark chocolate with subtle flavors of dark cherries and dried plums

Disney+ Subscription

Who doesn't love Disney movies? This is gift any family would like to have for any occasion. A yearly plan is only about $80.

Diptyque Paris Scented Candle

Know for their luxury scents, this candle brings a tangy coolness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries.

Duncan Yo-Yo

The Original and best selling string yo-yo of all time! A favorite for over 60 years, the Butterfly® offers a wide shape that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier.

MOST FAV Design and Drill Robot: Best Stem Gift

Design and Drill Robot: Best Stem Gift

Kids power up their imaginations and build coordination skills as they snap, drill & decorate their rockin’ robot pal with kid-friendly tools that little builders can easily compute.

Dollar Bills!

Money is not typically thought of as a thoughtful gift, but in this case, it fits the bill.

Drone with Camera: Beginner for Kids

Equipped with a 1080P WiFi camera and Gesture Control function. The HS430 Drone captures stunning scenery with live video and gets those perfect details of a fun family gathering using simple gestures.

Dart Board (Magnetic)

Dartboard game with 12 darts (4 colors of your choice ), children can play fun dart game in groups of 2-4. Using the magnetic dart, each player takes turns to toss 3 or 6 darts at the target

Drake Car Air Freshener

This cracks me up. This is a perfect gift for anyone looking for a unique, inexpensive gift that starts with the letter D.

Dominoes - Wooden Pieces

A classic gameplay that transcends the generations. Perfect for playing at home or in the classroom.

Dr. Pepper (24 pack)

My favorite soda. I'm pretty 99% sure this gift will not expire and will be used by the giftee at some point.

Doritos - Cool Ranch

While we are recommending food, why not Doritos? Cool ranch all day, every day.

Dell Mobile Wireless Mouse

With a 36-monthsi battery life, this mouse ensures you don't have to worry about battery replacement.

Daffy Duck Vinyl Sticker Decal

Under $5 dollars this a great gift filler. Decals can be placed on windows, body of car, truck, water bottle and more.

Day of the Dead Mezcal Set

For the tequila and mezcal drinker in your life. Sip and enjoy the agave spirit’s bold flavors with a collection of four festive cups handmade in Mexico.

Daisy The Dachshund Planter

For the dog lover. A ceramic Dachshund planter for any dog lover. Planter measures 6 inches long.

Dollhouse: Make Your Own Color In

With this creative kit, one can play house (and designer and architect too). Includes 225 pieces of precut, patterned cardboard with lots of realistic details to color.

Dad Jokes

Are you getting a gift for a dad or your dad? If so, then this package full of 100 dad jokes to supercharge any dad's (or aspiring dad's) joke game! Lots of laughs and groans to be had!