21+ Best New Homeowner Gifts (That They Want)

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Hoo-ray! Your friends just moved into a new house, and now they're celebrating with you at their first housewarming party. Here are some of the best housewarming gifts that are creative, practical and just plain fun.

MOST FAV The Always Pan
Our Place

The Always Pan

The 8-in-1 Always Pan is iconic for its versatility, multifunctionality, and beautiful shape. And you get to pick between super slippery nonstick and our premium enameled cast iron.

High Performing Dish & Hand Soap

The best selling duo to upgrade your countertops! This bundle comes with L’AVANT Collective's high performing natural dish soap and hand soap, formulated with plant-based ingredients that will elevate any green cleaning experience. Hint: this bundle makes an amazing housewarming or hostess gift!

New Home Candle

Fresh linen, clean air, a blank canvas all to your own. An empty house filled with possibilities and countless memories waiting to be made.

Miniature Hand Cut Map Artwork of Their City

This custom map art piece will help them celebrate their new homeowner address. The smiles on their faces will be priceless when they recognize their block.

Toilet Spray: The Turds and Bees

Keep their new home smelling fresh. With these toilet sprays there is no disappointment. The Wildflower smells just like fresh Spring Hyacinths and Tulips, while the Sunflower bouquet has a citrus scent that's almost like lemonade with a hint of floral.

Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit

Give them a plant they can't kill! This self-watering grow kit will give you the courage to dream big. It contains a beautiful ceramic pot, non-GMO seeds, soilless growing medium, plant food and, yes, instructions. I

Re-Usable Paper Towels

These colorful paperless “paper” towels are a perfect eco-friendly house warming gift. Available in many different colors and patterns.

Automatic Electric Corkscrew

Raise the glass - your friends got a new home. Simply place the Rabbit ® on top of their favorite bottle of wine and let the corkscrew do all the work, automatically removing and ejecting the cork.

Smart Home Fragrance Dispenser

There is no better way to welcome new homeowners than with a diffuser whose scent can be adjusted via an app.

Personalized Family Mug

A fun, simple gift the family is sure to love.

Gourmet Wine and Cheese Board

Welcome them home with the From Our Home To Yours! Wine & Cheese gift. This adorable box, shaped like a home, is filled with Sweet Soppressata by Brooklyn Cured, creamy cheese, and the perfect better-for-you stoned wheat crackers from our friends at Mariner Biscuit Company.

Bamboo Bloom Serving Tray

Crafted with 100% eco-friendly bamboo, the serving trays are a versatile accessory—perfect as a coffee table platter, bathroom organizer or plant holder.

Terrarium Candle

Combining plats and candles, this Zoe Tang's meticulously detailed hand-poured cactus and poppy candles smell as good as they look.

Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags and Containers

Made in the USA! Endlessly reusable, Zip Top was designed with the environment in mind. One Zip Top can replace 5000+ disposable bags.

MOST FAV Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Time to party. Take the guesswork out of evening home drinks with this recipe cocktail shaker that provides all the correct ingredients and measurements for a perfect drink.

Flower Press Kit

Let the family build a collection of beautiful pressed flowers décor with this helpful kit - featuring stickers for identification, a blotter to dry the stems, and a herbarium to store them.

Easy Care Plant

Said to bring good luck and fortune, the Money Tree is the perfect plant to add to any room of their home to create good Feng Shui.

Stylish French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

A column of cool white marble with grey veining unique to each piece chills wine at the table with classic flair. You can also put this beauty to use as a vase for cut flowers.

No Care - Stained Glass Houseplant

Maker Anna G. Lantz handcrafts each succulent and snake plant out of scored stained glass and copper foil, allowing even the less-than-proficient house plant parents among us to bring a bit of nature to our desk or windowsill.

MOST FAV Best Mitten: The Ove Glove

Best Mitten: The Ove Glove

Ever wish you could use all five fingers when removing pans from the oven? The Ove Glove oven mitt is great for the kitchen, the barbeque and handling other hot surfaces around the house or projects around the home.

Lowe's Gift Card

Owning a new home may require many trips to home improvement stores to get new sod or a fix small fixtures. Take some stress of all the \new\ buys with a little cash.

Cute Mini Individual Waffle Maker

This inexpensive is a perfect wedding or new home gift. The small size takes up little counter space, and its sleek design and trendy color options will match any kitchen décor

Tree - Indoor Lemon Tree

This healthy Myer Lemon Gift Tree is the perfect gift for a welcoming housewarming gift or any gift occasion. Gift occasions like new baby, housewarming, birthday or get well - this tree gift will be enjoyed as a special gift.