12 Gift Ideas For Pool Players

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Do you have pool playing friends or family members that would love to get new gadgets for their next billiards game? Here's a great gift guide for pool playing enthusiasts that want to take their game to the next level.

Clear Bridge Head

Made with no sharp images, this clear bridge helps view the cue tip in relation to the cue ball when necessary, as in a high jacked-up shot over obstacle balls. Great for tables over 9 feet.

Q Tip Shaper Tool

As pool cue tools go, the Bowtie 3 in 1 tip tool is simply the must have product of the season. This unique tip tool includes a shaper (Nickel), a Scuffer and a Tip Pick and easily fits into your pocket. Simply put, the Bowtie is the perfect tool for any pool player regardless of skill level.

Billiard Ball Cleaner

The Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner will keep pool balls looking like new! With it's specially formulated cleaning agent and the regular use of Aramith Ball Cleaner your phenolic billiard balls set will be polished and lustrous for years to come!

Magnetic Chalk Holder

Help your pool player friend never loose their chalk again. The Super Shot Square Magnetic Chalk holder has a built-in strong earth magnet installed in the belt/pocket clip and the chalk holder itself, giving you easy access to your chalk during each rack.

Book: Trick Shots in Pool and Billiards

Help your giftee with a book of trick shots. Fully illustrated—in color for the first time—with drawings of nearly 350 mind-boggling trick shots, Byrne’s Treasury of Trick Shots in Pool and Billiards will teach everything from the basic “butterfly formation” to the most difficult and impressive shots.

Billiard Table Cloth Cleaning Tool

Cleaning a billiard cloth properly is essential to preserving its qualities. The Simonis X-1 was designed for the removal of chalk dust, eliminating the need to use a brush that only moves dust around on the cloth.

Ball Star Automatic Ball Cleaner

Not cheap. This Ball Star Automatic Cleaner cleans 8 balls at a time and comes with 1 liter of ball polish (good for 500 cycles)and 2 additional cleaning pads. Cleans and polishes faster than any other machine on the market.

CueSports Magic Ball Rack 8, 9, and 10 Ball Pack

The most popular rack system, the Magic Ball Rack Pro is the elite racking system\; it gives a consistent tight rack even on old cloth.

Premium Ball Set

Not cheap! These highly rated tournament grade pool ball set provides the superior Aramith quality with the Duramith technology and adds some flavor to the visuals of your table.

Q-Claw 3 Cue Holder

The Q-Claw Three Cue Holder is a unique cue holder. Unlike other cue holders, the Q-Claw does not clamp to a table, but is a stand-alone weighted cue holder. Simply put it on top of any table and because of the unique weighted design, three cues will rest safely and securely in the Q-Claw holder.

Jim Rempe Training Ball

Improve cue ball control, spin effects and rebound control with the Jim Rempe Training Ball by Aramith. Designed by Jim Rempe, this ball has both a beginner and advanced player side so as your pool enthusiast can improve as a player, the ball will grow with your game

Last 4 Ever Pool Cue Tip Tool

Last 4 Ever pool cue tip tool dime shape. Manufactured from bar stock Aluminum this tool had both a Dime Radius and a Nickel Radius plus the Mushroom repair edge and Tip Burnisher Edge featured on the Original Tool.