20 Gift Ideas Starting With Letter L

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Finding great gifts starting with L can be challenging. However, I have compiled (what I think are) the top gifts that begin with L. Some of these gifts are inexpensive, some are expensive, and some are kid-friendly. View gift ideas below.

Lollipops - 1LB Bag

Candy National sells all types of candy including lollipops. Blow pops, Dum Dum, and more. These blow pops flavors include cherry, grape, watermelon, strawberry, and sour apple.

Lip Balm Premium Gift Set

Lip Balm Premium Gift Set features 10 signature flower powered lip balms. Each one packed with fresh, natural flavor in an eco-friendly cardboard tube. This gift box features beautiful gold foil detail and is made of sturdy cardboard, so it's easy to recycle when you're finished.

Label Maker - Create your Own Labels

This gift recommendation starting with letter L is for the crafty or organized person. Compact and lightweight for portability, making it easy to label just about anything, anywhere.

Lego Set - Choose One to Match Their Personality

Legos. Great for kids, but also great for adults. With endless possibilities there is most definitely a set that matches their personality.

Lion - 12 Inch Stuffed Animal

Lion is probably the most common animal beginning with L. The Tubbie Wubbie stuffed lion prefers to take it easy, cuddle up, and enjoy being super squishy. Extra baggage is a good thing for a plush lion. This pleasantly plump stuffed lion is perfectly designed to absorb super squeezes and huge hugs.

Lipstick - Luxury - Dior New Look Lipstick

The Rouge Dior New Look Lipsticks from DIOR make an iconic addition to any make-up collection, dressing your pout in romantic shades – including the House’s classic reds – that last all day.

Larvets Cheddar Cheese Flavored

If you are looking for a gag gift... then this 100% authentic larva with Cheddar cheese flavoring is probably the perfect gift

Lavender - Aromatherapy Essential Oil Mist Spray

Lavender is calming, reminds of people of being in a spa. Great for anxiety and sleep. Its a simple gift that is highly recommend.

Lotion - Creme de Corps Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter

Lotion if gift that seems to be always used by the giftee. Kiehl's lotions is a rich, fast-absorbing, non-greasy lotion with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. Paraben-free and fragrance-free.

Lamb - Cozy Gift Set

Give the gift of cozy with this sweet set. A huggable, cuddly companion and a snuggly, soft, recycled chamois blanket.

Leaf Blower - Electric Handheld Rated Best Overall

Perfect for the person who loves the yarn. The PowerJet offers the perfect balance of power and performance. Toro is the #1 rated electric blower brand. This blower has up to 725 CFM, which is air volume to help you move large piles of leaves.

Leopard Print Gift Set

Leopard begins with L. And leopard print is a very popular pattern people like. If you know they like lepord print, Etsy is great marketplace to find handmade items with that pattern.

Laundry Hamper from Target

With a wide variety of materials, colors and sizes, hampers are so versatile. Show off as an accent piece, or tuck it away in a bedroom closet.

Leggings from Lululemon

A nice of pair of leggings is an item that will most definitely be worn. Your giftee will be thanking you for such a great gift.

Lock Necklace - Love from Tiffany

This bold necklace features a heart-shaped lock and a distinctive Return to Tiffany inscription. Inspired by the iconic key ring first introduced in 1969, the Return to Tiffany collection is a classic reinvented.

Lunch Box - Linen Block Lunch Poche

It's time to ditch the plastic shopping bags and elevate their lunch experience! A contemporary version of our large cooler bags, our Lunch Poches (French for \Pocket\) were designed to complement foodie, fashion and wellness focused lifestyles.

Loafers - Men's or Women's from Nordstrom

Nordstrom is knows for their shoes. They have a wide collection for men and women that fit any price point. Nordstrom is also known for their great return policy, which is great for gift giving.

Lifesavers - Hard Juicy Candy

Brighten up their day with candy with Fruity LIFE SAVERS Hard Candies. The 3LB bag is a fun, inexpensive gift that begins with the L.

Lantern - Personalized Indoor or Outdoor Décor

This beautiful personalized lanterns are the perfect gift, and add a uniquely beautiful touch to their home. Each lantern is personalized. Choose from their large, exclusive designs – you’ll find the perfect one for you!The easy access door makes putting candles in and out a breeze.

Limousine - A Fun Day Trip

This is what most people think of when they think of the word \limo.\ Have a fun day trip with your giftee. A limo is a fun experience, especially if you have not been in one before.

Limoncello Kit - Homeade

Make your own decanter of this beautiful Italian after-dinner drink. All you need to add is vodka, sugar, and lemons. As beautiful to look at as it is delightful to drink, limoncello also mixes well with soda, prosecco, and any fruit flavors that are complemented by citrus.