10+ Halloween Spooky Basket Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

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Baskets are a fun way to create a gift to give to anyone! Here are a list of 10+ sweet, thoughtful & epic spooky Halloween gift basket ideas for your girlfriend that she will absolutely adore.

Halloween Themed Hair Scrunchy

If your girlfriend has long hair or likes scrunchies, then is a simple, easy gift. Great to wear around your wrist or in your hair. Stand out from the crowd. Make everyone say \wow! What a cool scrunchy\.

Cute Happy Halloween Vinyl Stickers

Let your girlfriend show off her Halloween spookiness with these100 pieces of cool stickers. No duplicates. She will have lots of fun with these.

Spooky Socks

Fresh socks are always nice. Themed socks are even better! Target generally has a good selection of Halloween socks.

Monster Bath Bomb

The ultimate relaxing gift for a girlfriend. Get them a oh-so-scary bath bombs or bubbles to let them enjoy the spooky season.

Halloween Inspired Candle

Drop this spooky candle in her Halloween basket. Let her enjoy the smells of the deliciously cool crisp air scent from this 100% soy candle.

A Wicked T-Shirt

Goth meets dad jokes. A little funny and a little scary. Find her new favorite T-shirt. Made with extra soft cotton.

Stuffed Black Cat Animal Toy

What girl does not like animals? This adorable 7 inch tall soft plush black cat with orange bow and nose and sparkling green eyes will make her happy.

Halloween Stationary Paper

Let the note taker in your life have a spooky theme stationary to match the season.

A Creepy Coloring and Activity Book

Coloring is spooky, demon-summoning fun in this interactive book from artist Steven Rhodes. Let her apply her dark artistic talents to these retro 1970s- and 1980s-inspired, wickedly funny pop horror and sci fi pages.

Dare to Wear Nail Polish

Watch these hypnotizing metallic colors transition between shades for a beautiful dual-tone effect right before her eyes! High quality and long lasting nail lacquer.

Ceramic Cauldron Coffee Mug

Coffee or tea drinker? All five elements - air, earth, water, fire, and spirit were used to make this cauldron. This spooky cauldron mug is made of low fire white clay. This is a perfect gift to create a special basket.

Pre-Made Candy Basket

The simplest of gifts. Get a pre-made candy basket that can be delivered same day.

Bat Wing Cork Screw

How fun is this bottle opener? Vino's durable wings and sharp fang open corks in a swift! This funny novelty item is also ideal if you're in search of new home gift ideas.