20 Gifts Starting With S

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Having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for someone whose name begins with S? I've got you covered! The following are 20 great gifts that start with the letter S. So if you’re looking for a unique gift that will be sure to impress, take a look at my curated collection of gifts starting with letter S!

Sneaker Balls - Cute Shoe Deodorizer Balls for Removing Odors

Give the gift of good smells. Fits in all shoe sizes, including those for children; efficiently eliminates odors in gym and equipment bags as well as sneakers and everyday shoes. Rapid twisting to release specially formulated products Close when not in use to preserve freshness; fresh and clean aroma

Soap - Gift Bar Set of 3

Easy gift giving! Choose 3 bar soaps to fill this classy wood box and make your shopping easy.

S'mores Kit - Indoors for 2

This high quality miniature version of the classic firepit lets you create those camping memories indoors any time. Whether it’s too cold to spend the night outside or you’re a city dweller, just place it on a table, fill the pit with food-grade chafing fluid for fuel, and get to roasting..

Snack Chest - Care Package (40 Count)

Got that person in your life who loves to snack? Then this snack pack is a great gift that includes an assortment of 40 or 120 savory packages to satisfy their hungry cravings.

Spice and Seasoning Set from Penzeys

Spices and seasonings are great gifts for new homeowners and young professionals. This box includes Cajun Seasoning, Fox Point Seasoning, Singapore Seasoning, Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Base, China Ginger Powder, Sweet Curry Powder, Chinese Five Spice, Italian Herb Seasoning

Succulent Plants - Jewel Garden Gift Set

Their favorite new accessory! Part of the Original Garden collection, the Jewel Garden will put a smile on anyone's face and bring a welcome touch of nature to any small space. Succulent's are easy caring making them a long lasting gift.

Shaving Kit - Mens Performance Package

Starting with the letter S, shaving is a daily and weekly constant for most men. The kit includes everything needed to keep our hair under control. I have one myself and it works great.

Sous Vide Cooker - Highly Rated

I love our sous vide at home. We actually use this model to cook many meats like pork, chicken, and steak. Its a fantastic gift for people who live in a condo or apartment which do not have easy access to outside grilling.

Sneakers - Unisex - A Fresh New White Pair

Who doesn't want a new set of fresh white neakers? These Veja V-10 sneakers are sleek and classic, a V-logo brands this court-inspired pair that's made to make a difference.

Spikeball Set - Popular Outdoor Game

If you don't know what Spikeball is it is fun outdoor ball game played on grass, sand or indoors. Its very popular right now.

Soap Dispenser Smart - Touch-Free

Give the gift of cleanliness. This touch-free and cord-free soap dispenser means no germs passed on, and no smudges left behind. Recharge plug on the back is easy to access, and one charge lasts up to 3 months.

Spa Gift Basket - 10Pc Body Care Package

Give a spa treatment without leaving the comfort of their own home. The Lovery Lavender & Lilac Bath & Spa Set includes everything you need to pamper yourself. This all-inclusive set features everything to look & feel beautiful.

Shower Streamers

I love shower streamers. They are relaxing, inexpensive, and fun - a perfect gift. Each of the 6 shower bombs is formulated with pure essential oils and nature identical fragrances, and is decorated with real flower petals. For an easy self-care experience, just unwrap a scented tablet, place in the corner of your shower and take slow, deep breaths.

Sock Set -Monday / Friday

Give a unique pair of socks. This gift set includes a pair of socks for the start of the workweek (Monday) and a pair for the merciful end (Friday).

Silly Straws - Great for Kids

Beginning with the letter S, Silly straws are totally silly and reusable. This pack includes a set of 12 with a variety of different colors and shapers.

Slingshot Flyers

A fun set of 24 different patterned paper airplanes and a slingshot to launch them as far as possible!

Sketch Pal - Clip to Backpack

Doodle, play, learn! Mess Free! A fun way for kids to write themselves reminders, to practice their ABCs, spelling, or addition and multiplication. Clip it to a backpack or bag. Make notes with the stylus pen. Then when you are ready, push the button to erase!

Starbucks Gift Card

Who doesn't love Starbucks? Gift cards are always gift cards because they can be used when the giftee wants to use them.

Scratch Off Poster - Top 100 Movies

Give the gift of cinema. This poster is filled with top 100 films loved by both fans and critics worldwide - from influential classics to modern blockbusters and award-winning animation. Each scratch off has its own custom illustrations which make it fun.

Scented Candle from Diptyque

Luxury perfumer diptyque began in 1961 at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, where three artistic friends opened a storefront bazaar. The trio's creative spirit and elegant taste eventually converted the curated shop into a world-renowned perfume house.

Stickers - 106 Decal Pack

Scrambled more than 1,600 popular stickers into a random collection of 106 each. You'll be surprised at every packet of stickers you get. No duplicates. Select random stickers to surprise everyone. Vibrant stickers will add color in life.