22 Unique Gifts Starting With the Letter C

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An amazing collection of curated gifts that begin with the letter 'C' has been put together by us. Using this list of gifts starting with the letter 'C' is a great way to ensure your presents are memorable for the recipient by creating a cohesive theme.

Coloring Book: Drinking Animals

Party lovers and adults will love this fun coloring book with stress-relieving animal designs and easy cocktail recipes.

Cocktail Kit

Meet the Cocktail Kit. Whether you’re a pro mixologist or a beginner bartender, this kit, featuring 4 signature Haus flavors, will fuelall of your cocktail-crafting dreams.

Candy Assortment

Mixture of chocolate and fruit-flavored treats to satisfy everyone's sweet taste buds during family get-togethers, tailgate parties and everyday snacking needs at the kitchen candy jar

Chia Pet: Star Wars The Mandalorian

Chia pest are always fun gifts. Their variety is endless! Chia Pets come in all different shapes and sizes including your favorite presidents, actors, emojis, and even movie characters.

Clif Bar

The ultimate energy bar. Made with organic rolled oats and chocolate chips, Chocolate Chip CLIF BAR® evokes memories of fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven.

Can Chiller

The Can Chiller is a best friend for their favorite canned beverage with a spring-loaded base that fits various sizes, including 12oz, 16oz, and slim cans.


The ChapStick Collection Variety Pack delivers three flavored lip balms that glide on easily over delicate skin to help lips feel soft and moisturized while you enjoy all those fun-filled days.

Coffee Mug - Custom

Coffee mugs featuring incredible independent designs from the Redbubble artist community. Available in travel, tall and standard options.

Crochet Cactus with Pot

The can't kill plant. Score major points with this cool, convenient faux décor plant.


Homesick is one of the most popular candle brands. You will for sure be able to find a candle that matches their interest or personality.

Custom Coasters

Add a personal touch and create a custom coaster. Coasters are great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and more.

Colorful Compression Socks

Is your giftee a runner? These compression socks are highly rated. Available in my many different colors.

Cheese Serving Board and Cheese Knives

This stunning slab of acacia shows off a selection of her or his favorite cheeses and includes indentations specifically carved to hold three gleaming cheese knives.

Cuisipro Egg Poaching Set

Achieving perfectly poached eggs can be a challenge even for experienced chefs. Now you can cook flawless poached eggs at home with these innovative poachers.

Coffee - Quality

Coffee is always a great gift. Drink trade has hundreds of single origin, Fair Trade, and even decaf coffees sustainably sourced from all across the globe.

Cordless Dustbuster

Cost effective and practical. Ideal for quick clean ups, this powerful hand vacuum with 2X Suction power makes maintenance easy with its large washable dirt bowl.

Craft A Brew: Craft Beer Kit

If your giftee likes beer then they will love this kit. The Home Beer Brewing Kit includes everything you need to make a gallon of delicious craft beer.

Cupcake Gift Wrap

Don't forget to wrap your gifts that start with C in a C starting wrapping paper.

Cotton Candy

This colorful tub of blue raspberry cotton candy can be the perfect complement to the color scheme at your party whether it be a birthday, anniversary (cotton is symbolic of the 2nd wedding anniversary), bachelorette, bridal or childrens' party.

Cards: Quality Paying Cards

Playing cards are simple and fun. These cards are made in the USA of 100% plastic. These playing cards are highly rated and will last a life-time (or close to).

Coral Beaded Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet created from 4mm round Red Coral semi-precious beads. The beads are a rich red coral color, each offering its own unique highlights and veining. The bracelet is highlighted with a cool carved silver bead

Calligraphy Ink Set - For Beginners

Calligraphy Kit includes six colors of 15 ml ink bottles which can be used with feather pen, fountain pen, quill pen, calligraphy pen, dip pen etc. Calligraphy set includes colored ink of Black ink, Blue ink, Red ink, Green ink, Purple ink and Orange ink.

Camping Towels - Highly Rated Super Absorbent

These multi-purpose towels are great addition for any who enjoys camping. More absorbent than ordinary towels, and can be air dried and reused in a short time. It's also very light weighted, you can hardly feel it when you put it around your neck. Ideal for wiping sweat during camping, hiking, traveling, swimming and gym.