18+ Quacky Gift Ideas for Duck Lovers

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The duck is an extremely popular pet in the world. Ducks are social, intelligent, and agile by nature. So, if you have someone in your life who loves ducks and treats them like royalty I've got you covered for a whole bunch of gift ideas for them!

Funny Duck Mug

A fun duck mug that is both microwave and dishwasher safe and made of black finish.

Duck Embroidered Deluxe Hat

A stylish embroidered duck hat. Made of 100% peach washed cotton for a softer feel.

Tasty Duck Feed

Maintaining ducks can be expensive. Get that duck lover some tasty Purina® Duck Feed. It is specifically formulated to meet the elevated niacin levels ducklings need to grow and adult ducks need to maintain proper health.

Duck Bath Bombs for Kids

Fun for kids-create your kids great memories! This set of duck bath bombs will get your kids waiting for bath time. Extra bubbles and fizz are added for an even better experience.

LED Duck Night Light

Cute bedside night light powered by anit-blue LEDs. Wont hurt a baby’s eyes and 100% guarantee safe for your baby study and play.

A Waddle of Ducks Fabric

Are they also crafty? If so then this quality duck-themed fabric is a perfect gift. Who knows, maybe they will make you something.

Creative Duck Stickers

Stickers are fun gift for all ages. Redbubble has a lot of fun, unique designs. You are a guarantee to find a sticker that matches their personality.

Giant Yellow Duck Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animal are always great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just because. This duck toy makes for a great bedroom décor item.

Artsy Duck T-shirt

Let them show off their love with ducks with this graphic t-shirt. This cotton tee has the classic cotton look and feel. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women

Cute Duck Succulent Plant Holder

This adorable handcrafted ceramic Duck Planter is the perfect household addition! It's glaze finish is ideal for indoor or outdoor plants.

Coloring Book of Ducks

Coloring books are great for kids and adults. This 42 page book contains a nice collection of pictures and designs of ducks in different positions and places.

North American Bird Call Set

Help that bird lover observe and communicate with robins, chickadees, and mallard ducks using this hand-carved bird call set.

3 Piece Duckling Garden Statue Set

The duck lover in your life will get a big quack out of their just-hatched duck trio! Each is hand-painted one-piece-at-a-time.

Party Foul Wine Stopper

This rubber duck is too fancy to just float around in a bathtub. He'd much rather float around in a tub full of fancy wine, but he'll also settle for just corking up your half-empty wine bottle at the end of the night (and looking pretty cute doing it).

Duck Shaped Cookie Cutter

Make way for the Duckling Cookie Cutter! Equally adorable as an Easter decoration or as a shower gift for the mom-to-be, this cookie cutter is also ideal for crafting purposes.

Big Assortment of Rubber Duck Toys

A great gifts for playing outdoors on sunny days, and will be a hit with children, especially preschoolers, during birthday parties, school carnivals or pool parties.

Duck Wall Decal Set

The Flying Duck Wall Decal Set is the perfect gift for your husband's man cave! It's available in the color of your choice.