15+ Unique Gifts Ideas for Skateboarders

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Need to find a gift for someone the loves to skateboard? Our curated collection has many different skateboard gifts ranging from kid to adult. Besides the usual equipment likes helmets and boards, there are a bunch of other things they may enjoy like stickers and ramps.

Freestanding Skateboard Stand

Kids love the Origami Skateboard Stand and Display because it holds the skateboard so they can show off their passion for skateboarding (when they are not riding it). Engineered and manufactured in the USA, we gave it a sleek yet durable one-piece design.

LED Skateboard Lights Underglow

Board Blazers are the top choice of kids and pro skaters around the world to cast super-bright, colorful ground effects.

Recover Skateboard Wood iPhone Case

One-of-a-kind wood inlays offer a unique grain pattern for a look of sophisticated minimalism.

Thrasher Magazine Subscription

Get a 1 year subscription to Thrasher magazine and get 12 regular monthly issues delivered right to your door.

200 Cool Random Stickers

Designed for teens, each water-proof sticker is custom designed and made, high-precision printing technology, the pattern is more precise and clear, and the color hardly fades out.

Vintage Skateboard T-Shirt

Simple, practical, and comes in many different colors, gender specific & youth sizes.

Desktop Skatepark

A mini skate park with a finger skateboard you can use on your desk! Comes with a mini booklet on fingerboarding as well as a bunch of stickers to customize your skatepark.

Recycled Skateboard Bracelet

A perfect gift! Pass on Strength, Endurance, Solidarity and Honour to those special people in your life with this urban friendship bracelet with beads that have been hand crafted from a recycled skateboard by British artist

Green Thrasher Kermit the Frog Truckers Hat

Dope trucker snapback adjustable hat.. Its for sure going to be your kids favorite hat.

Genuine Spare Parts Skateboard Kit

Skateboarding can be expensive, this practical and convenient bundle comes with multiple bolts, nuts, cushions and washers\; everything you need to swap out worn components from your skate complete.

Fresh Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are typically made of high-grade urethane, and come in a large assortment of sizes, shapes, and formulas, designed for many different types of skating.

New Nike Sneakers

Nike® updated the design of their Low Pro GT Skate Shoes with Grant Taylor's vision. With high taping for more durability and lightweight vulcanized construction, these SB Skate Shoes were built to shred.

Cool Beanie from Toy Machine

A unique cool beaine.The Sect Eye Dock hats from Toy Machine is made from high quality materials.

Really Any Clothes from Vans

We normally don't just recommend brands, but this one makes a lot of sense. They are the culture.

Go Big With a Ramp!

Not cheap. The GRL - Grind (box), Rail, Launch (Ramp) is the ultimate gift. These ramps allow your kid (or yourself) to stay at home and ride like they are at a skatepark.